Pakistan Policy Institute, USA., is apolitical think tank & is open for membership to all educated degree holders of Pakistan and citizens of Pakistani origin living abroad, and those invited to join or any citizen of the United States.

The Pakistan Policy Institute, USA highlights the significance of Pakistan in South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia to U.S. national security interests. It identifies a pressing need for broader U.S. Pakistan strategic ties in winning the hearts and minds of the people in the region. Keeping a balance between the interests of both the nations, it is of paramount importance to achieve the objectives before a damage control gets late.

In order to devise a successful policy to bridge the gaps between the two nations, the Pakistan Policy

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the United States strategy must be based on understanding Pakistan’s objectives as well as those of the United States. In arriving at a viable strategy while accommodating the preferences of both the parties there is a need to identify zones of agreement while pursuing the objectives. Understanding of Pakistani interests as part of the United States policy will make it a success. Read More