India-China NEXUS in the region is counterproductive to both U.S. and Pakistani interests. Yes, the impediments in dismantling Haqqani terrorist network, and the release of Dr. Afridi is a genuine United States concern. These issues should not create road-block in a great relationship that the United States and Pakistan enjoy over the years.

Pakistan has contributed in bringing the United States hegemony in the region, defeating the Soviet expansionism supported by India, and the current war on terror. The United States will not leave Pakistan isolated from a reliable and sustainable relationship with Pakistan.

The statements of Senator Rand Paul and Senator Bob Corker are not an opposition to the sale of F-16s to Pakistan, rather genuine reservations in dealing with the issue. Though, 700 million dollars have been proposed to be paid by Pakistan, however the provisions of foreign military funding can yet be solicited to assist Pakistan in fighting counterterrorism and counterinsurgency supportive of U.S. national security interests in the region.Senator John McCain is a friend of Pakistan, and a strong supporter of war on terror stated that, “I think that the future of Asia, if we want to have the kind of influence that we always had and deterrence to the Chinese behavior is a very close relationship between the US and India. Which by the way the F-16 issue complicates that,” McCain said (The Times of India, Feb-27, 2016).
However, I need to brief Senator McCain on the intricacies in this relationship. China is a recipient of an imbalanced U.S. China trade in the volume of minus 478 billion dollars. China has to be watchful in supporting India. The Indian China trade is minus 38 billion dollars each year, while Pakistan China trade is minus 7.8 billion dollars each year.China needs U.S. help more than ever before, not the opposite of it. Furthermore, had Pakistan been not there, the Middle Eastern markets were off limits to communist China prior to the 1960s.
Yes, China’s official stance to support India in securing a permanent seat in the UNO Security Council is a COMPLETE FAILURE of Pakistan’s foreign policy designers. And the implications of it is the current brunt on the sale of F-16.
Pakistan is an important component of the United States national security priorities.

I am optimistic, the F-16 matter will get resolved sooner.